Krackie Award Nominations

krackieWelcome to the official Krackie Award Nominations page. Not sure what our prestigious Krackie Award is? Well Krackie Award is an award that we give out to the most deserving non-melanated individuals around the world that have shown the following:

  • Consistently expresses racist and bigoted ideals and concepts to their constituents or followers
  • Presentation of such regressive views and ideas that will send their constituents or followers into the next onboarding slave ship
  • Presentation of typical "Kracker" ideas and concepts
  • A focus on financial or political gain with no care for the well-being of the people they claim to support

Know someone who fits the criteria? Let us know and we'll be sure to award the highest voted individual our Krackie Award...perhaps even live on air...stay tuned and thank you for voting.

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